Program Application

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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 day(s)
    Commission type Variable, depending on your lifetime sales volume.
    Base commission Starting at 10.00% and based on sales volume
    Additional terms We offer a 3 Tiered Commission Program. You will earn a percentage of the total sales provided by your links. $0-2499 = 10% commission $2500-5000 = 12.5% commission $5000+ = 15% commission As an Affiliate, you understand that you are working independently of The Daily Grace Co.. The Daily Grace Co. will pay you directly, and taxes will not be withheld. Should your yearly commission be more than $600 a 1099 tax form will be sent to you. Affiliates are not considered to be employees. Payments will be sent via PayPal within the first week of each month. Payout % is listed in chart, and subject to change. Affiliates will receive credit for all clicks that result in a conversion within 30 days of the click. Affiliates may not impersonate The Daily Grace Co. in any way. Affiliates may not run ads for The Daily Grace Co. of any kind. Affiliates may not collect customer information such as email, phone number, etc. Affiliates must adhere to the ethical standards of The Daily Grace Co. All accounts that arena violation of these policies will be immediately suspended. Contact customer service for more details: [email protected]

    Welcome to The Daily Grace Co. Affiliate Program! Please review the below requirements to join our Affiliate Program. We are excited you're here!

    • I am a resident of the US. 

    • I am a current customer of The Daily Grace Co. 

    • I have an audience reach of at least 5,000. 

    • I will publish The Daily Grace Co. content at least 6 times annually.